Construction Projects

The Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District is continually enhancing its irrigation works. One major construction project is typically scheduled per year to upgrade or expand the water delivery system. Numerous plans govern the order of projects including the Rolling 3-Year IRP plan, 5-Year Seepage Control Plan, and 10-Year Capital Construction Plan. Project order may change without notice at the LNID Boards discretion. Please see the District map for project locations. Recent and future projects are as follows:

Fall 2017 Lateral C2 Pipeline Park Lake
Fall 2017 /
Spring 2018
Lateral B9 Pipeline Monarch
Spring 2018 Keho Barons Upgrade Keho Barons
Summer 2018 C12 Drain Diamond City
Fall 2018 /
Spring 2019
Lateral K1 North Pipeline & Drain Turin
Fall 2018 /
Spring 2019
Lateral B6 Pipeline Monarch
Fall 2019 /
Spring 2020
Lateral G11 & G12 Pipelines Albion
Fall 2020 /
Spring 2021
Lateral H1 Pipeline - Phase 1
(includes Lat. J6 & J7)
Iron Springs
Fall 2021 /
Spring 2022
Lateral H1 Pipeline - Phase 2
(includes Lat. J9 & J12 concrete)
Iron Springs