Operations and Maintenance

Equipment Operators

Brett Schafer
Louie Tams
Construction & Maintenance Foreman
Inventory, Purchasing & Safety Coordinator
Darcy Smith
Dan Kubik
Bryce Schultz
Peter Peters
Excavator Operator/Lead Hand
Equipment Operator/Weed Control
Equipment Operator
Equipment Operator

Water Operations

Click on a supervisor to view maps for Water Operation Areas or here to view the overall map.



William Smith - Newlands

Water Master - West

Ryan Chogi - Butte

Water Master - East

Garth Fischer - Macleod/Keho

Assistant Water Master - West

Walter Engels - Battersea

Assistant Water Master - East

Shawn Graham - Monarch

Water District Supervisor

John Degenstein - Piyami

Water District Supervisor

Dustin Gillies - Park Lake

Water District Supervisor

Tysen Sushelnitski - Albion

Water District Supervisor

Mike McCloud - Turin

Water District Supervisor